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Future of Work: Remote & Hybrid Series (Part 2)

By |February 16, 2024|

4 Must-Have People Practices for Remote Teams: Welcome back! Let’s quickly recap Part 1 of our series on the Future of Work. The clash between employee demands and employer needs, viewed through the lenses of different generations, has given rise to ‘The Great Compromise1.' Employee expectations of employer support are growing. At the same time, new 2023 research shows that productivity is high for companies with a remote component – and highest of all for businesses that are primarily remote. Yet some leaders still think a full return to the office must happen for businesses to be successful. What’s a company to do? We’re here with answers! Let’s dive into the most important, effective, and achievable practices that set you up for even greater success this new year. Nurture Authentic Connections Connection points matter now more than ever. We have now learned that formerly spontaneous office interactions now need to [...]

503, 2020
Cut Through the Clutter on Covid-19: Three Workplace Culture Must Haves.

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As Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads globally, more and more businesses are taking significant steps in response to growing concerns. Companies relying on China-based employees will see production shortages, those relying on products from China will be greatly impacted. Companies who’s businesses rely on public in -person attendance are also being impacted already in anticipation of the summer ahead. What about our US workplaces? What measures are being taken to protect employees while limiting the strain on [...]

1002, 2020
Five Things Your Competitors Know About Harassment Training

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Each year, the Peoplescape team talks with hundreds of  organizations and business leaders looking for the best training for their employees. When it comes to  preventing bad behavior in the workplace, (harassment trainings) there are so many out there – how do you  know what to look for? As Anti-Harassment and Sensitivity Training experts here are 5 training features, we suggest using to pick the best fit for your company: […]

310, 2019
The Definition of Insanity: Hiring Safe yet Expecting Astonishing Results

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Finding a new team member is hard. You spend time and energy recruiting the ideal candidate who’s a great fit. But let’s question what ‘a great fit’  really means. In your mind a great fit probably means the candidate from the same industry, who’s followed a progressive path in the same job stream to lead them to this next step. But this is playing it safe, it risks limiting you and your company and you’re [...]

1709, 2019
Go Green and Promote Sustainability For a Winning Culture

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Agility in the workforce is all about creating a flexible and productive environment for employees. Many companies achieve this through providing different work spaces, offering remote working opportunities, and promoting a collaborative culture rather than taking a rigid procedural approach. Another approach that has seen businesses become more agile is a shift to more sustainable practices.  […]

2608, 2019
Keeping Your Talent: Smart Lifestyle Reward Strategies for Any Sized Company

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When you can only pay a low salary, how can you still recruit great talent? Start-ups, small and medium-sized firms are just some of those restricted by salary obstacles when it comes to hiring and keeping the best talent. And it’s a serious problem, as outstanding talent can make or break these companies more than any other. Here are our Sure-Fire Ways to Fight Back. […]

1006, 2019
#5 Rethinking Rewards and Recognition in your Agile Organization

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In our previous blogs, we discussed how to hire, how to measure performance and what an Agile leader looks like. In “Shift from “Me” Performance to “We” Performance with Agile Performance Management” we spoke about moving performance measures from a single individual to a team’s performance. How does this affect and change the way we reward or recognize members of Agile organizations? How do you design a successful reward program that promotes teamwork, celebrates team [...]

2905, 2019
#4 The Three Things That Matter Most for Leadership of Agile Organizations

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This blog is part four in a series discussing the human factor of Agile organizations. Earlier we discussed Hiring for Agile and Managing Performance. Here, we discuss the role of the Leader in Agile teams. Agile organizations empower employees to take decisions on their own, in collaboration with their team members. What then, is the role of a leader and how can they be most effective? […]

1804, 2019
Shift from “Me” Performance to “We” Performance with Agile Performance Management

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  In our previous two blogs we discussed what it takes to become Agile and how recruiting needs to evolve. Now you have great talent onboard, how do you continue to manage their performance in an Agile way? The way in which performance is managed and measured deeply affects the culture of the organization.  Traditional methods have individual goals, targets, key improvement areas and 360 reviews. With an Agile organization, these are replaced with continuous [...]

2503, 2019
# 2 Hiring and Managing Talent in an Agile Culture

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In the first part of “Human Factor of Agile – Are You Ready”, we discussed what it takes, from a people perspective, to become Agile. In this 2nd part, we delve deeper, and see how recruiting needs to evolve, for you to build an Agile organization. In many ways agile can be considered a swift feedback control process. For recruiting that means: 1. validating with hiring managers on the quality before going too far 2. [...]

1403, 2019
#1 Getting your “Agile Culture on” Defining how to engage employees and enable human factors for success in 2019

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The “Agile Culture” or “Agile Organization” has been the buzz word for a while now. It started with product development and progressed to an organization style. But are organizations ready? Do we even know what it requires? In an Agile culture, we shift the focus from the process to the outcome. The main question to answer, at each point, is “What does the customer want?” This model essentially empowers teams to do what it takes [...]

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