407, 2017

How Can Employee Surveys Help Your Business Grow?

By |July 4, 2017|Blogs, Frontpage Articles, HR Advisory & Facilitation, Surveys & Assessments|

Perhaps one of the most telling tools that we have in the leadership toolkit today is getting knowing our teams; understanding what makes each and every person tick and getting to know them as people. How better to do this but through the employee survey. Many employers are utilizing these as a way to determine what is important to their employees, and to implement a strategy for making changes. […]

1705, 2017

How You Doin’? Effective Performance Management Strategies

By |May 17, 2017|Blogs, Frontpage Articles, HR Advisory & Facilitation, Surveys & Assessments, Talent Management|

“Checking-in” on employees is a critical piece of the retention puzzle. Landing quality employees is a big win, bigger still is retaining them for the long haul. Good people stay when they feel themselves developing and enhancing their skillset. Updating your performance management strategies, taking time to provide feedback to employees, and making sure the process is beneficial for everyone at the table is a worthwhile venture. In the words of Joey Tribbiani, a simple “how you doin’?” can go a long way! Here’s a quick rundown of ways that you can start implementing effective performance management strategies in your [...]

205, 2017

People Puzzles – Finding the Right Fit – Suitability vs. Personality Assessments

By |May 2, 2017|Blogs, Frontpage Articles, Surveys & Assessments|

 “Suitability assessments reveal important attributes and values that can otherwise be overlooked in hiring and career development,” explains Belinda Morris, Principal Consultant at Peoplescape Consulting. “In spite of the advantages of suitability assessments (like Harrison and Profiles XT) over general personality assessments, there are only a couple of these on the market, due to a greater level of scientific sophistication required to develop and test these instruments. However, we find suitability assessments so much more accurate in understanding individuals and predicting fit. Mismatches can be very costly and damaging, not only to team members but even to brand credibility and [...]

812, 2016

Can Using Employee Self-Assessments in December Ward Off Resignations in January?

By |December 8, 2016|Blogs, Frontpage Articles, Surveys & Assessments|

Did you know that January is the most popular month for considering a job change? After the year-end bonuses and year-end reviews are complete, employees start to look at their options a little more closely. Of course, there’s questioning from many organizations today surrounding the use of performance reviews at all (which we’ve blogged about previously here: https://peoplescapehr.com/are-performance-reviews-on-the-way-out/). But, if your organization does use performance reviews, then we’d like to suggest that an employee self-assessment could uncover some of the issues leading employees to look elsewhere for employment after the beginning of the new year. From an employee point-of-view, what [...]

1009, 2015

Emotional Intelligence and New Hires

By |September 10, 2015|Blogs, Frontpage Articles, Surveys & Assessments, Talent Search & Recruitment|

Personality tests and skills-based competencies have been a part of recruiting and hiring decisions for quite some time now, but are you considering the Emotional Intelligence (EI) of your potential hires? According to Bamboo HR, 1 in 3 HR Managers are placing increased importance on EI in their hiring decisions. Is your organization part of that 1 in 3? I know you’re probably thinking… [tweetthis]Emotional Intelligence – What is it and why does it matter?[/tweetthis] […]

809, 2015

Case Study: Employee Surveys and Focus Groups

By |September 8, 2015|Blogs, Frontpage Articles, Surveys & Assessments|

Employee “caretaking” is a crucial, though often overlooked aspect of personnel management. At Peoplescape, we are always “team employer” but we also know that having compassion and a strong desire for employees to succeed is a core value in most successful organizations.  Employees who work efficiently, have opportunity for growth and feel they are treated fairly are the strongest assets to the employer, and our goal is to partner with our business clients to ensure their workplaces are as happy as can be! We conduct workshops on a wide variety of training topics including new hire orientation and onboarding procedures, [...]

1607, 2015

Who are You? How To Understand Personality in the Workplace

By |July 16, 2015|Blogs, Frontpage Articles, HR Advisory & Facilitation, Surveys & Assessments|

[tweetthis]“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” –Anais Nin #Personality[/tweetthis] Truer words have never been spoken, and whether you realize it or not, you’ve heard this exact same thing many times (just in different words). From the glass half-empty versus the glass half-full debate to the awkward photos of the blue/black vs. white/gold dress circling social media in the spring of 2015, the manner in which we see the world is shaped by who we are. The same can be said for any professional organization – the employees working in a department will shape [...]

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