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The Definition of Insanity: Hiring Safe yet Expecting Astonishing Results

Finding a new team member is hard. You spend time and energy recruiting the ideal candidate who’s a great fit. But let’s question what ‘a great fit’  really means. In your mind a great fit probably means the candidate from the same industry, who’s followed a progressive path in the same job stream to lead […]

Go Green and Promote Sustainability For a Winning Culture

Agility in the workforce is all about creating a flexible and productive environment for employees. Many companies achieve this through providing different work spaces, offering remote working opportunities, and promoting a collaborative culture rather than taking a rigid procedural approach. Another approach that has seen businesses become more agile is a shift to more sustainable […]

Shift from “Me” Performance to “We” Performance with Agile Performance Management

  In our previous two blogs we discussed what it takes to become Agile and how recruiting needs to evolve. Now you have great talent onboard, how do you continue to manage their performance in an Agile way? The way in which performance is managed and measured deeply affects the culture of the organization.  Traditional […]

Agile Organization: What did Zappos do that you didn’t?

As early as 2012, Josh Bersin’s keynote at Deloit’s Impact Conference, focused specifically on how Agile, “the ability to create and respond to change in order to succeed in an uncertain and turbulent environment” was essential for businesses to be nimble and responsive, as the landscape changes frequently and in unexpected ways.

How One Man in a Dapper Suit Transformed Los Angeles: – Honoring Carl Terzian and His Tables.

Networking is a word you hear often in business. It is defined as interaction with other people to exchange information and develop contacts to further one’s institution or career. In today’s world, LinkedIn is the most well-known professional networking tool that is utilized by over 467 million users worldwide. Networking allows you to brand yourself, […]

Consumerization of HR

There’s a lot of buzz around “the consumerization of HR” but what does it mean? Jeanne Meister, an expert in HR technology, described it as how companies are creating a social, mobile, and consumer-type experiences for employees inside the company. Think about your most used mobile apps and how they make life is easier i.e. […]

Spotlight Series #CAHR16: A Closer Look at the “Extras” That Make HR Work in the Workplace

By Tamara Jahelka In attending the #PIHRA #CAHR16 Conference in August at the Long Beach Convention Center, our senior consultants noticed several trends throughout the event. We asked ourselves questions such as: How do we integrate succession planning into our daily recruiting, training and coaching? How do we prepare for changes in economy, resource availability […]