Each year, the Peoplescape team talks with hundreds of  organizations and business leaders looking for the best training for their employees. When it comes to  preventing bad behavior in the workplace, (harassment trainings) there are so many out there – how do you  know what to look for? As Anti-Harassment and Sensitivity Training experts here are 5 training features, we suggest using to pick the best fit for your company:

  1. How’s the Training Delivered?

How you deliver your harassment training can be nearly as important as the content itself. If you’ve done this training in the past, you know that you can put in a lot of time, effort and budget but still watch the training fail to achieve your objectives. There are several reasons why this happens, but the underlying cause is often the same: the training method by which you delivered the knowledge didn’t resonate with your employees or culture.

So, what training platform works for you? Are you an interactive bunch and enjoy live training events? Or seek to use the opportunity to gather everyone and connect as a company, to team build. A good trainer goes beyond a dry PowerPoint deck and brings an experience to life with discussions, quizzes and games. They read the room and select participants who enjoy playing a lead role in activities whilst drawing out the reflective introvert’s questions and ‘what if’s’.

Maybe your team are scattered across states or travel constantly. Then you could consider a platform that enables them to log on when they have time, a platform with bite-sized increments they can pause, stop and resume as many times as they need. Don’t lose sight of the content, it still needs to be entertaining and hold their attention. Look for Hulu or Netflix style episodes where the scenarios have a variety of possible outcomes.

You may need both or even something in between? We work with companies to identify exactly what they need and then  we customize live events to fit their style, artfully engaging participants in the room and those connecting remotely into one interactive learning experience.

  1. Talking of Customization

A good training provider should give you the ability to collaborate on the content. Afterall, these are key messages you want delivered to your employees. Since you’re already taking the time and money holding a session, why not leverage the event to send tailored messages. Are you facing issues around Sensitivity or Diversity that you want to address? We recently incorporated ‘Kindness’ as a central theme to a series of training workshops and received positive feedback from everyone in the room.

  1. How Easy is it to Use?

Your Competitors know good harassment training must be easy. No one is excited about doing it, yet the law dictates every company delivers this in 2020, so don’t give them reasons to procrastinate.  If using an online platform, from the minute your user logs on, the training needs to be easy to navigate, clear and easy to understand. They need to know where they are and what progress they’ve made and they really should enjoy the experience. Many times, employees (and managers in particular) want to take harassment training at their convenience so ensure the same material easily transitions and works well on different devices so they can pick up where they left off.

  1. Are There Reporting & Completion Tracking Capabilities?

A quality harassment prevention program also provides the ability to track employees that go through the training, capture new starters and promotions and reminds you when people are approaching a re-training anniversary (either one or two years depending on their State). If that sounds like too much administration, talk to Peoplescape as we handle all this for you automatically as part of the process.

  1. How Much Does It Cost?

Every training manager has a budget and needs to keep costs in mind when purchasing or investing in harassment prevention training. Of course, efficacy is vital, but you’re also looking for a training program that offers an exceptional and engaging program at reasonable costs. The truth is good training is tailored to your specific environment and you deserve to find those with customization options that fit the specific needs of your organization, rather than having to offer dry, off-the-shelf lectures. We offer simplified pricing options to keep confusion – and surprises – to a minimum.

Finally, it goes without saying that compliance is a critically important aspect of running almost any business. Your harassment prevention training program must meet all the latest compliance standards. It’s not worth investing in any program that isn’t compliant with all federal and state guidelines.  Since laws and regulations are continually changing, feel free to call Peoplescape and use our expertise to check you are buying the best fit harassment prevention training for your organization.

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