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Future of Work: Office Trends Business Leaders Should Know for 2024 (Part 3)

By |April 19, 2024|

With apology to Mark Twain, have the reports of the death of post-pandemic commercial office space been greatly exaggerated? We say yes! At the same time, we also acknowledge the profound changes the traditional office model has undergone over the last four years. As we explored in our Future of Work: Part 2, hybrid work environments can most certainly thrive – and, we believe, are here to stay, regardless of current ‘return to office’ mandates. This resonates with Mark Rauch, Principal at commercial real-estate firm Cresa. He sees the continuation of the three main models coming out of the pandemic – centralized workplaces, decentralized remote organizations, and hybrid work arrangements. Most workers, he notes, prefer the hybrid model. Office space square footage may be declining, but hybrid work environments still require offices. For every Gen X worker celebrating saved commutes, younger employees crave in-person interaction. In this blog, we look [...]

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1602, 2024
Future of Work: Remote & Hybrid Series (Part 2)

By |Blogs, Future of Work|

4 Must-Have People Practices for Remote Teams: Welcome back! Let’s quickly recap Part 1 of our series on the Future of Work. The clash between employee demands and employer needs, viewed through the lenses of different generations, has given rise to ‘The Great Compromise1.' Employee expectations of employer support are growing. At the same time, new 2023 research shows that productivity is high for companies with a remote component – and highest of all for [...]

2712, 2023
Future of Work: Remote & Hybrid Lessons for 2024 (Part 1)

By |Blogs, Future of Work|

Looking Back at 2023: With 2024 around the corner and Covid’s debut increasingly in our rearview mirrors, Peoplescape reflects on the evolving hybrid and remote work landscape. In just three years we have gone from uncharted waters to ‘The Great Compromise,’ a delicate dance between employee demands and employer needs. This clash between leadership and employee mindsets and expectations gets even more challenging when seen through the differing lenses of Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials [...]

1310, 2021
It’s all in the Benefits – Solutions for dealing with the “Big Resignation”

By |Blogs, Frontpage Articles, HR Advisory & Facilitation|

When searching for jobs, most applicants research the company and what the benefits and perks are of working for that company. They are lured by rooftop Yoga, SoulCycle Wednesdays, beer on draft at the office, ping pong tables and virtual reality rooms. But COVID hit and most of the workers went virtual. For HR and People professionals, the way we attract candidates had to change in this pandemic world. How are [...]

806, 2020
Get a Superhero in Your Corner and Help Employees Navigate CO-19 Health Insurance Claims

By |Blogs, Frontpage Articles, HR Advisory & Facilitation|

As we all get back on our feet from Quarantine, the next wave of challenges we face will be medical bills and understanding health insurance costs related to COVID-19 (CO-19). As a business leader, you want to get employees happily back to work and engaged in productive company goals. Nobody wants to get caught up in ongoing questions around health insurance benefits, especially for CO-19 care or testing. LA County offers ‘free testing,’ but what [...]

2905, 2020
Shecession Part II: Disrupting the Shecession – What can Organizations do about it?

By , |Blogs, Frontpage Articles, HR Advisory & Facilitation|

In Part I of our Shecession blog, we laid out the facts on the ground from the latest pieces of research and statistics relating to employment and the societal impacts of the global Covid-19 pandemic on women and in particular women of color. Here we will be exploring what organizations can be doing to combat this Shecession and prevent it from disrupting the diversity, equity, and inclusion progress we have made in our 21st Century [...]

2705, 2020
Shecession Part I: What is this “Shecession” of Which They Now Speak?

By , |Blogs, Frontpage Articles, HR Advisory & Facilitation|

We have all seen the headlines about economic recession. We’ve also seen how the financial woes and unemployment levels of the 1930’s Great Depression, with a 9.5% unemployment rate seem to be paling in comparison to our current reality of 15% unemployment because of Covid-19. Recession is a bitter reality we are all facing, represented by the global #We’reAllInThisTogether, but what are people at the intersection of particular groups experiencing that might be even worse? [...]

2005, 2020
Tools For Remote Teams: Stay Connected, Productive and Sane

By |Blogs, Frontpage Articles, HR Advisory & Facilitation|

The Peoplescape team has been enjoying a remote workplace for years. What we may have lacked in having a traditional office, we’ve replaced with intentional high-quality interactions and of course, online apps. If you are looking for new tools to fill any gaps in your own Tec stack, we share below some of them we have used. Save yourself the time on the research and use it to test out which work for you – [...]

1304, 2020
Use Your Lifelines Immediately. HELP for Your Business during Covid-19!

By |Blogs, Frontpage Articles, HR Advisory & Facilitation|

As Coronavirus has sent so many of our businesses into paralysis, we can’t help but wonder “what can I be doing smarter while staying compliant”, how can I support myself, my team, my customers and suppliers. How can I serve as a beacon of light to others when I too am scrambling to stay on top of what’s being thrown at me. How do I leverage what is available to me? In this world of information overload, it is not unusual [...]

2003, 2020
Financial Support for Workers affected by COVID-19

By |Blogs, Frontpage Articles, HR Advisory & Facilitation|

Sick or Quarantined If you’re unable to work due to having or being exposed to COVID-19 (certified by a medical professional), you can file a Disability Insurance (DI) claim. DI provides short-term benefit payments to eligible workers who have a full or partial loss of wages due to a non-work-related illness, injury, or pregnancy. Benefit amounts are approximately 60-70 percent of wages (depending on income) and range from $50-$1,300 a week. You can collect DI [...]

1803, 2020
Self-Preservation with Compassion: The 3 W’s for Steering Through COVID-19 in a Small Business

By |Blogs, Frontpage Articles, HR Advisory & Facilitation|

In the face of this challenge we know you are concerned about how your company will be affected and what you must do next. As you genuinely and compassionately take measures to ensure the safety of your employees and customers, you must also take hard, rational steps to protect financial performance. The workplace You’ve probably already safeguarded workers health and safety with cleaner environments, flexible and remote working, and shift patterns with minimal staff overlap. [...]

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