310, 2019

The Definition of Insanity: Hiring Safe yet Expecting Astonishing Results

By |October 3, 2019|Blogs, Frontpage Articles, Talent Search & Recruitment|

Finding a new team member is hard. You spend time and energy recruiting the ideal candidate who’s a great fit. But let’s question what ‘a great fit’  really means. In your mind a great fit probably means the candidate from the same industry, who’s followed a progressive path in the same job stream to lead them to this next step. But this is playing it safe, it risks limiting you and your company and you’re unlikely to find candidates that bring unique innovation and exceptional results. […]

301, 2019

Stop Screening Candidates: What We Can Learn from Designers

By |January 3, 2019|Blogs, Frontpage Articles, Talent Search & Recruitment|

Screening candidates isn’t helping you. In technology, user experience design is very close to our hearts. We are constantly trying to make it easier for our prospective customers to gain value from our products and services. We try to make the experience as welcoming as possible and take them on a journey. When it comes to our prospective team members, perversely, we seem to take the opposite approach. When people express an interest in joining our teams, we seem to go to great lengths to push them away. We actively discourage them. We screen them. […]

2911, 2018

AI Making Talent Acquisition So Much Better

By |November 29, 2018|Blogs, Talent Search & Recruitment|

At the last SHRM event in Chicago, the most popular vendor had to be Careerbuilder’s interactive booth. HR pros lined up like kids waiting for a Disneyland ride. Sure, we had to spin a wheel for a give-away, but what really held our attention was the video of a mobile experience that leverages AI, augmented reality, gamification and hyper-localized search to revolutionize recruiting. […]

111, 2018

Hacking Trends in Creative Recruiting

By |November 1, 2018|Blogs, Frontpage Articles, Talent Search & Recruitment|

The creative industry has long been thought of as “fun”; you get to work in music, entertainment, design, marketing, advertising, technology and branding to name a few. The creative space is our market and we see how our clients are innovators not just in their products but also in the way they recruit their next team member. Much like selling a product, the concept of hiring the best means they want to gain competitive edge by differentiating themselves from the outset. […]

2607, 2018

10 Hot Tips To Impact Diversity and Innovation in Your Hiring!

By |July 26, 2018|Blogs, Frontpage Articles, Talent Search & Recruitment|

I have worked on talent teams in many companies over the years and noticed that on the whole, most employees are successful and driven. Yet, the differentiator driving one company to succeed over the other is innovation. Innovation comes from diversity. Diversity is including employees with new ideas and different ways of thinking. A recent EY report confirms that diverse companies are 35% more likely to have financial returns above the national medians for their industry. […]

2002, 2018

CEOs, Are You Checking Your Glassdoor Reviews Every Day? Please Do!

By |February 20, 2018|Blogs, Frontpage Articles, Talent Search & Recruitment|

When you think of companies with a reputation for treating their employees well; Google, Netflix, Salesforce, PwC, L’Oreal and GE immediately come to mind. You think of them despite never having worked for them nor knowing anyone who does. Importantly because they have succeeded in employer branding. Employer branding is the method which companies utilize to define and establish their stature as an employer. […]

902, 2018

Are Same Day Offers the Way of The Future? Achieving Agile Recruitment in 2018.

By |February 9, 2018|Blogs, Frontpage Articles, Talent Search & Recruitment|

I don’t mean to scare you but… please note: there is officially a talent war on the go in the United States.   Statistics Technology Market: 86% of managers are finding it challenging to find and hire technical talent. (Indeed.com). 83% believe that shortage of tech talent has hurt their business through lost revenue, slower product development, market expansion or increased employee tension or burnout. (Fortune). […]

102, 2018

“Goosebumps From The Employee Experience: From Onboarding to Exit, How the Journey Impacts the Perception” 

By |February 1, 2018|Blogs, Frontpage Articles, Talent Search & Recruitment|

Hiring ‘rock-star’ employees in today’s feisty, talent laden labor market has become like a song and dance routine similar to a first date. As the company, hungry to land a top hire, you must one, make a great first impression. Two, “hook them” with your thrilling qualities, and three, get them to sign on the dotted line…or at least agree to a first interview! […]

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