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It’s all in the Benefits – Solutions for dealing with the “Big Resignation”

When searching for jobs, most applicants research the company and what the benefits and perks are of working for that company. They are lured by rooftop Yoga, SoulCycle Wednesdays, beer on draft at the office, ping pong tables and virtual reality rooms. But COVID hit and most of the workers went virtual. For HR and […]

Shecession Part II: Disrupting the Shecession – What can Organizations do about it?

In Part I of our Shecession blog, we laid out the facts on the ground from the latest pieces of research and statistics relating to employment and the societal impacts of the global Covid-19 pandemic on women and in particular women of color. Here we will be exploring what organizations can be doing to combat […]

Shecession Part I: What is this “Shecession” of Which They Now Speak?

We have all seen the headlines about economic recession. We’ve also seen how the financial woes and unemployment levels of the 1930’s Great Depression, with a 9.5% unemployment rate seem to be paling in comparison to our current reality of 15% unemployment because of Covid-19. Recession is a bitter reality we are all facing, represented […]

Cut Through the Clutter on Covid-19: Three Workplace Culture Must Haves.

As Coronavirus (COVID-19) spreads globally, more and more businesses are taking significant steps in response to growing concerns. Companies relying on China-based employees will see production shortages, those relying on products from China will be greatly impacted. Companies who’s businesses rely on public in -person attendance are also being impacted already in anticipation of the […]

Here’s What Industry Insiders are Saying about Out-with-Performance-Management, In-with-Feedback-Management

As an HR professional, one gets multiple requests from salespeople of HR technology companies to choose their platform over competitors when it comes to Performance Management. Performance management is a process that provides the employee feedback and promotes their effectiveness. Michael Armstrong, in his Handbook of Performance Management, 2009 described it as “the continuous process […]