AI is modernizing HR beyond talent acquisition. According to Littler’s 2018 Annual Employer Survey AI and data analytics guide HR strategy and management decisions (31%), analyze workplace policies (24%), and automate tasks (22%).

AI in HR Functions

  • AI helps managers – recent advancements in AI will redefine manager roles and eliminate administrative management work such as scheduling, resource allocation and reporting. Accenture
  • AI as a coaching tool – Butterfly is an AI training software developing managers soft skills. It utilizes a feedback system that feeds a customized and impactful leadership training program.
  • Degreed, is a platform for everyone and uses AI to match the user with learning courses that best serve their interest and skills.
  • AI for equal pay – Pipeline was aptly launched on Equal Pay Day 2017. Its platform boasts connecting improved gender equity with increased financial outcomes. Used during performance reviews, salary increases and promotions, the AI analyzes a company’s internal workforce data and makes recommendations to help close any equity gaps.

We will be watching this space and bringing you the latest Talent technological innovations as they launch.


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