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Are Same Day Offers the Way of The Future? Achieving Agile Recruitment in 2018.

I don’t mean to scare you but… please note: there is officially a talent war on the go in the United States.   Statistics Technology Market: 86% of managers are finding it challenging to find and hire technical talent. (Indeed.com). 83% believe that shortage of tech talent has hurt their business through lost revenue, slower […]

Tech Communication Tools

It is no secret that technology in the workplace allow businesses to scale and function efficiently. Use of video technology, integrated networks, and telepresence robots are expanding the workplace boundaries. These types of innovation advances work place interactions. Tools that enhance and encourage communication and collaboration are becoming vital in the every day lives of […]

Mobile Technology in HR

Mobile devices will account for 75% of global internet use in 2017, according to Zenith report. As businesses trend towards “consumerization of HR”, where the objective is to enhance employee engagement, one of the ways they can put this into practice is by introduction of mobile technology solutions.

People Analytics

People analytics is a data-driven approach towards HR. The role of HR is continuing to shift from the traditional operational function to a strategic business unit. Data provided in people analytics reduces the guesswork for managers. Rather it is used to better understand business operations and guide decisions. HR data is no longer limited to […]