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What’s Your Status? Facebook Branding in the 21st Century

By |July 20, 2015|Blogs, Frontpage Articles, HR Technology|

“People spend money when and where they feel good.” – Walt Disney As a master of invoking emotion in the hearts and minds of children everywhere, Disney was able to sell a brand worldwide that still brings in millions of dollars every year, decades later. When a product speaks to a person, that person feels something – and is able to justify spending money on something that is important to him or her. In this same token, products on Facebook are using emotional responses to create a recognizable brand. Using videos, catchy lines, and triggering feelings in individuals viewing their [...]

1607, 2015

Who are You? How To Understand Personality in the Workplace

By |July 16, 2015|Blogs, Frontpage Articles, HR Advisory & Facilitation, Surveys & Assessments|

[tweetthis]“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.” –Anais Nin #Personality[/tweetthis] Truer words have never been spoken, and whether you realize it or not, you’ve heard this exact same thing many times (just in different words). From the glass half-empty versus the glass half-full debate to the awkward photos of the blue/black vs. white/gold dress circling social media in the spring of 2015, the manner in which we see the world is shaped by who we are. The same can be said for any professional organization – the employees working in a department will shape [...]

1307, 2015

“Under new management” – A tragedy or a seamless transition?

By |July 13, 2015|Blogs, Frontpage Articles, HR Advisory & Facilitation|

It’s happened to all of us, you go to your favorite restaurant or neighborhood hangout and there’s a banner outside “under new management” or “under new ownership.” Depending on your personal experiences and what you’ve heard from friends, neighbors and relatives, this could be a blessing or terrifying change. Imagine how a business transition like this felt or looked for the employees of the establishment? [tweetthis]How business transitions are handled can make all the difference to employees.[/tweetthis] As an HR professional, I’ve assisted with changes both in ownership and management. I must say that the way business transitions like this are handled can make all the difference to the [...]

1007, 2015

I Quit! Did You See It Coming?

By |July 10, 2015|Blogs, Frontpage Articles, HR Advisory & Facilitation, Talent Management|

Almost every HR professional has at least one story of a "creative" employee resignation. From an employee saying they're going to lunch and never returning, to an employee bringing a Marching Band into the office to play him out, some of the stories sound like a scene out of the movies. If the employee was obviously disgruntled, it may not come as a surprise that they make their exit in a grandiose (and possibly disruptive) way. What if the resignation is coming from one of your top performers? When the resignation letter hits your desk, were you prepared for it? About a month ago, CNN Money came [...]

607, 2015

The Case for Paid Maternity Leave

By |July 6, 2015|Blogs, Frontpage Articles, HR Advisory & Facilitation, Rewards & Benefits|

Did you know?  [tweetthis]Among global rankings of maternity leave programs, the US sits very near the bottom.[/tweetthis]Nestled among the ranks of countries like Swaziland, Lesotho and Papua New Guinea, we are one of the few countries in the world that do not have paid maternity leave. From a new mother’s standpoint, it seems incongruent to the costs of having a new baby, the critical bonding time, and the need for stable finances during this hectic time. From a business standpoint, there are some major advantages to joining the ranks of the 16% of US companies that do offer paid maternity leave. Some of these include [...]

607, 2015

Recruiting Trends for 2015

By |July 6, 2015|Blogs, Frontpage Articles, HR Advisory & Facilitation|

#Career  #HRBlogs  #business Job seekers are using these words and hash tags and sharing and liking updates and posts all over social media to land their next gig. How many employers are utilizing this same thing to attract their talent? What is branding all about? How can employers use social media to their advantage, and who is paying attention to this new trend in recruiting? Hash tags are quite possibly the ticket in to your ideal talent group. So let’s jump right in to the top recruiting trends for 2015! According to a LinkedIn survey conducted in 2014, 4 years is the average length [...]

2906, 2015

Bullying – Is it happening in your workplace?

By |June 29, 2015|Blogs, Frontpage Articles, HR Advisory & Facilitation|

In the news lately there have been an overwhelming number of stories about children and adolescents being a victim to a bullying. Did you know that reports of workplace bullying are on the rise? It’s been a hot topic in the HR realm – adding anti-bullying policy to your handbook, but is it still happening in your workplace right under your nose? Are you missing some of the signs? Teasing and banter is common in workplaces, but when does teasing cross the line? I’ve done some digging and found 3 helpful guidelines about when bullying may be happening right under [...]

2206, 2015

Social Media and Recruitment

By |June 22, 2015|Blogs, Frontpage Articles, HR Technology, Talent Search & Recruitment|

Love it or Hate it, social media is not going anywhere. Along with it comes the debate over whether or not to use it in recruitment and then, how and when to use it . I’ve heard arguments on so many sides of it. “Don’t Use It” Social media profiles can give potential employers more information than they need to make employment decisions. For example, the photos may tell you information about age, gender, and national origin. The profiles may tell you about religious beliefs or sexual orientation. The content on their page may suggest political affiliation or show details [...]

906, 2015

The Top 5 Healthcare Reform Facts You Need to KNow

By |June 9, 2015|Blogs, Frontpage Articles, HR Advisory & Facilitation, Rewards & Benefits|

Ask any recruiter or candidate looking for a job in HR, and 90% will tell you that the biggest change for 2015 and 2016 is health care reform. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as ACA or ObamaCare, has set out with lofty goals and mandated personal health care coverage, as well as encroaching on an employer’s decision to provide health benefits to its employees. It is no longer the employer’s choice, but is instead mandated that for certain provisions to be followed. So, you may ask, what are the top five things that you need to [...]

306, 2015

Seeking a “Digital Native”

By |June 3, 2015|Blogs, Frontpage Articles, HR Advisory & Facilitation, HR Technology|

The phrase “digital native” is a fairly new term that is being employed by a number of companies, particularly in the media, digital, start-up and tech worlds. Doing a quick google search for “digital+native+jobs”, I found the following: “An ideal candidate is a digital native, who has a passion for learning and always uncovering new opportunities in the digital space, and who has a solid grounding in the world of digital media and technology.” – for Sr. Digital Strategist at Saatchi & Saatchi LA “The Social Media Manager is a digital native, skilled in onsite attendee engagement in a face [...]

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