Recruiting Trends for 2015

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Job seekers are using these words and hash tags and sharing and liking updates and posts all over social media to land their next gig. How many employers are utilizing this same thing to attract their talent? What is branding all about? How can employers use social media to their advantage, and who is paying attention to this new trend in recruiting? Hash tags are quite possibly the ticket in to your ideal talent group. So let’s jump right in to the top recruiting trends for 2015!

According to a LinkedIn survey conducted in 2014, 4 years is the average length of time an employee stays at one job. Baby boomers cringe at this knowledge, because their worldview was much more about job security and company loyalty – keeping them at the same organization for 20+ years in many cases. The younger generations are in search of the next big thing; they are continuous job seekers, and their main loyalty is to improving their paycheck, career, status, etc. [tweetthis]With hiring budgets decreasing, social media is now a major factor in recruiting candidates.[/tweetthis]With hiring budgets decreasing, but the need for quality talent increasing as the skills gap continues to widen, social media is now a major factor in recruiting passive candidates (those who aren’t necessarily looking but are open to discussing new opportunities). Here are a few of the top trends to look out for, and how to make them work for your company – big or small!

1. TARGET your social media job posting – who are you looking for? You should be where they are! For example, LinkedIn groups focused on your target group, Facebook for the Generation X’ers, and Twitter and Instagram for the younger generations of millennials.

2. Make your recruitment functions entirely MOBILE – mobile job applications, mobile job postings, mobile apps for applying/searching.

3. Use the DATA at your fingertips – many recruitment software programs allow for data analytics. Use this information to find out what works for your company and what doesn’t, depending on the number of resumes submitted from various sources. I.E. are your Technical Web Developers seeing your job posts on Instagram or Twitter? What is the best source for posting for this group in the future? Where is the ideal talent pool hanging out?

4. BRANDING – what is your company brand? Is your brand recognizable? 60% of US leaders say that employer brand is a top priority in their company. What about yours?

5. Based on a report conducted by LinkedIn for Recruiting Trends in 2015, social professional networks are the top source of quality hires in the US. ASSIGN one employee in your HR department the task of keeping your company profile up-to-date on LinkedIn, as well as posting job opportunities, engaging in discussions within groups, and networking on LinkedIn.

6. Create a proactive TALENT BRAND STRATEGY. An astonishing 77% of US talent acquisition leaders say that talent brand has a huge impact on the quality of new hires. Engaging in social media to promote your brand is key!