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Clicking “Like” may now be considered protected activity

We’ve all heard horror stories about an employee posting something about work on Facebook or Twitter and later being fired for it. Well, a case in Connecticut may have just given employers a bit more guidance on what is protected activity under Section 7 rights under the National Labor Relations Act with regard to Social […]

Legal Update: California Fair Pay Act

Surprise! Surprise! California Law makers have passed another piece of legislation that will affect employers in January 2016, leaving us (the employers) little time to react! Previous to this bill, California law prohibited employers from paying employees of opposite sex that worked in the same establishment less for equal work on jobs requiring equal skill, […]

The Folly of Employee Misclassification: Law Suits on the Rise!

The list of lawsuits against Uber is long, and appears to be growing. From rider safety and information security to employee misclassification, the legal team over at Uber has its hands full! Back in September, California drivers for Uber were granted class-action status over the company’s failure to pay for necessary benefits in an employment […]

Top 10 Compliance Considerations for 2016

A few weeks back we brought you the top ten list of issues that could get employers sued in 2015. This week we are reviewing Mercer’s Top Ten Compliance-Related Issues for Employers! As you are finalizing the 2016 health benefit programs, contribution strategies, vendor terms, and employee communications, here is Mercer’s list of things to […]

What do the Proposed New Overtime Rules Mean?

It’s been talked about in the news a lot lately. The Labor Department has made recommendations to raise the threshold on the salary rate that would makes employees exempt from being paid overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Currently under the FLSA, employers are not generally required to pay employees overtime premiums (time […]