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It’s Not Just Customers. Employees are Reviewing Your Company, Too!

Yelp!, Google, Angie’s List, TripAdvisor…. There’s no question that consumers truly have a wealth of information on other customers’ experiences online, but did you know your employees are reviewing your company as well? With sites like Glassdoor.com, CareerLeaks.com, and Vault.com on the rise, it’s time to start thinking about how you will respond to reviews […]

It’s GAME DAY!!! Does Fantasy Football Belong At Work?

Every year, near the end of summer, as Football season approaches, people start to get really amped up about the Football season. More specifically, people get excited about their fantasy football leagues. As business owners and operators, the idea of a company-sponsored Fantasy Football league might be cringe-worthy, but maybe it’s not as bad and […]

Workplace Bullies: Do You Know One, And How to Stop Them

Workplace bullies, like schoolyard bullies, have always existed. But only recently, with revisions to sexual harassment legislation and inclusion of anti-bullying policy in company handbooks nationwide, have the bullies been identified as harmful to productivity and legal liabilities for employers. Studies have shown that an estimated $200 billion is lost annually due to higher absenteeism, […]

Bust a Move!!! Those Magic Mike Dancers are Causing Quite a Stir in Court!! Are They Exempt or Not?

Anyone seen Magic Mike… or more recently Magic Mike XL? Maybe it’s just the woman in me, but I would say those moves are pretty creative! Apparently, District Judge Thomas W. Thrash Jr., doesn’t share my same enthusiasm for the arts. Haha!  So…is Magic Mike exempt…or not? [tweetthis]Magic Mike: Exempt or Not? Depends on your […]

“Under new management” – A tragedy or a seamless transition?

It’s happened to all of us, you go to your favorite restaurant or neighborhood hangout and there’s a banner outside “under new management” or “under new ownership.” Depending on your personal experiences and what you’ve heard from friends, neighbors and relatives, this could be a blessing or terrifying change. Imagine how a business transition like this felt or looked for […]

I Quit! Did You See It Coming?

Almost every HR professional has at least one story of a “creative” employee resignation. From an employee saying they’re going to lunch and never returning, to an employee bringing a Marching Band into the office to play him out, some of the stories sound like a scene out of the movies. If the employee was obviously disgruntled, it may […]