How and Why to Include Creative Employees

“People don’t become leaders because they have charisma; people get charisma because they’re leaders,” Seth Godin, author of Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us.

According to a recent study of more than 12,000 U.S. and Canadian workers by global staffing firm Robert Half and Happiness Works, those in the creative and marketing occupations reported the highest levels of on-the-job satisfaction and interest in their work, compared to employees in the accounting and finance, administrative, legal, and technology fields.

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Here’s What You Should Know About Employment Laws and the Trump Administration

In less than a year we are seeing changes in employment legislation from President Barack Obama’s administration to President Trumps involving overtime law, business liability, federal contract bidding, and worker exposure to harmful circumstances, among other policies. Read more

Unlimited PTO

Unlimited Time Off? Seriously?

Often, we look to innovation leaders for insight and creative solutions on how to implement new policies within the workplace. We borrow some of these ideas when change is necessary in our own organization, such as offering telecommute options, employee perks, referral programs…and the list goes on. Staying relevant in today’s market is a tough job for any employer, and now that employees are being offered flexible and remote work options, , snack machines, gym memberships, meditation and yoga classes on-site, how do the smaller companies keep up? How do you attract the type of employee you want in your company, without compromising core values and business needs? Read more

Counter Offers – Are they ever a Good Idea?

Every manager dreads the day a great employee drops the bomb that they’re leaving the Company for another job. In our current economic environment, many workplaces have hiring freezes or hiring delays making it painfully difficult to replace departing employees.

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Balance Billing: Out of Network Coverage and What It Means To You

On July 1 Sacramento kicked a surprise ball past the goalie and I can’t believe more people aren’t talking about it, because this affects all of us.  As an insider in the insurance industry we’ve been dealing with this problem for years (and if you know me I’ve been ranting about this on our blog since 2014).  What am I talking about?  AB 72 – Balance Billing: Out of Network Coverage. Read more

Security in a virtual world

With the shift in data technology and streamlining processes for HR leading us towards cloud software, mobile apps, and electronic files versus actual paper trails, organizations will undoubtedly have to move towards security for these various avenues as well. Protecting data, employee confidentiality, and ensuring safekeeping of sensitive data is all in the job description for those of working in HR. Technology should not change any of those priorities. Read more

Wellness – there’s an App for that

Much of what we are discussing this week centers around technology in HR, because we hope to start conversations and open up dialogue about the tools at our fingertips at this year’s HR Tech Conference #HRTechConf in Vegas. But when you take a minute to think about how much technology influences your day to day life, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that technology, AI, and apps for everything are infiltrating the way we work too. Read more

Employee Engagement

How do you measure employee satisfaction and success? Have your HR business partners utilized complex analytics to look at the retention rate, factors leading to successful long-term employee placement, and what drives employees to stay or go? If not, it’s time to take a look at what is shaking things up in your organization, and whether that shake-up is something beneficial to your company’s growth and longevity. Read more

Team Learning

Learning & Development

Learning and development opportunities are something that employees love. In fact, millennials as a whole are continually providing feedback that training and growth potential are two huge factors in retention for this unique group within today’s workforce. Unfortunately, many companies simply do not have the manpower or the internal structure in place to allow for mentorships (the benefits of which we talked about on the blog here: In today’s workplace, you’ll often see an “all hands on deck” mentality at play – everybody pitches in to meet deadlines, satisfy customer demands, and show their value as a team player. But what is being lost when learning and development opportunities are pushed to the sidelines on the field of priorities? Read more

Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace

Machine learning uses human reasoning process as a guide to determine job performance, and artificial intelligence is a tool that companies can use to predict a candidate’s fit for a particular role. By utilizing AI for recruitment, you’re also giving the candidate a more improved experience due to the efficiency and speed added to the entire process. By giving some of these more mundane, administrative tasks to the machine rather than the HR professional, you’re freeing your HR team up to do more analytical and strategic work. But what’s the down side? Read more