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Tech Communication Tools

It is no secret that technology in the workplace allow businesses to scale and function efficiently. Use of video technology, integrated networks, and telepresence robots are expanding the workplace boundaries. These types of innovation advances work place interactions. Tools that enhance and encourage communication and collaboration are becoming vital in the every day lives of employees.

Here are some available technologies that are changing the way companies are facilitating communication and improving their rate of productivity:

  • Slack is a popular instant messaging and file transfer platform that connect teams in an effortless way.


  • Atlassian is a widely utilized software development and collaboration tool that offers an issue tracking application, JIRA, and a team collaboration software and wiki-type product, Confluenc JIRA is particularly useful in tech companies as it provides bug tracking, issue requests, and project management updates. Mutually, Confluence allows each business unit to create their “wiki” page and upload templates, org charts, and any office documents to strengthen collaboration and efficiency.


  • WebEx and GoToMeeting are competing solutions that offer online video conferencing where users can set up and join meetings. Their mobile apps ensures the employee on the go will always have a way to connect.


  • Asana is a well-known project management tool that allows users to manage projects and tasks without the use of email. Teams create a workspace that contains projects and tasks within projects.


With a wide-range of products to choose from HR leaders are in a prime position in improving employee experience while solving for increasing business demands.