Traditional Performance Review Alternatives

You’ve probably seen the blogs lately on why traditional performance reviews are on the way out. If you didn’t, check this one out so you know what we are talking about here today: Or look at the trends we predicted for 2016 here:

Now that you’re caught up on your reading, here’s our take on the upcoming alternatives that will be available to replace the traditional, numbers-based, check-the-box performance reviews.

  1. There’s an app for that – performance management (like all facets of human resources in 2016 as discussed in our trends blog linked above) is moving in the direction of apps and mobile technology. There are already performance management and HRIS systems that allow for performance reviews to be conducted and tracked online. Some allow for the employee to provide feedback as well. Check out @BambooHR and @CornerstoneOnDemand for more details on this possibility or contact us today to find out what might be best for your company moving forward.
  2. Frequent and feedback will be the key to performance management in the coming years. Employees (especially the younger generation of workers flooding your hallways at the office) want more frequent feedback from their supervisors, not just an annual review and a raise. Along with the feedback may come more frequent wage increases, or it may be an incentive based performance management system. Either way, increasing the frequency will be a bonus for your employees.
  3. Employee involvement is also going to be critical to the new process. Out with the old “self-evaluation form” and in with a two-way conversation that occurs during performance evaluation meetings.
  4. Focus on the “Big 5” – what are the five accomplishments you’ve had since our last meeting and what are your five goals for the next period before we meet again?
  5. Use progress reports as documentation of these frequent check-ins with employees (something in writing is still going to be beneficial to the company and the manager should anything litigious arise or claims of any sort).

These tips will not only help make sure the company is protected, but managers and employees will be more satisfied with the performance management process as a whole. Check out other blogs on this #hottopic at or follow us on Facebook at or on Twitter @PeoplescapeHC.