Key Predictions in HR for 2016: People, Leaders, and Apps

Recently, we discussed the Bersin by Deloitte predictions for human resources trends in 2016 in our PINPOINT Newsletter at To check out the complete list of predictions, make sure you visit that newsletter archive. At Peoplescape, we thrive on challenges, and are looking forward to how people, leaders, and apps will impact human resources functions across the board. Here, let’s take a closer look at these three areas for the future of HR in 2016.

People Management

  • Performance management has been a topic of contention for the past year, as companies look to move away from the standard numbers rating systems on performance reviews, and head in a different direction. People management, and the next generation of tools for assisting companies with performance management (formerly performance reviews), talent management (applicant tracking information), and people management (leadership and coaching) are a huge topic for the coming year because companies are looking to make big changes in the way they manage and hold employees accountable.
  • Further, training will be moving to an online system of learning and encouraging employees to strengthen their own knowledge within the field by taking advantage of company sponsored learning and training and development tools online.

Leadership Development

  • A shift in management and the way managers think about supervising and coaching their employees will lead to changes in the system of performance management. In fact, when Bersin issued their report in January 2015, more than 60% of companies were changing their performance management system, moving from a numbered rating to a more subjective and comprehensive approach.
  • Bersin points out that in 2015, 86% of companies across the globe cite “gaps in leadership” as one of the top three issues within their organization. Clearly, leadership development and training of managers to be effective, efficient, and instrumental in company success have to be bigger priorities in 2016 in order for substantial change to take place in this area.
  • The age of our leaders is also something to consider. As more millennials move into leadership roles, the way that leaders learn and will be capable of training their subordinate employees is going to shift as well. Understanding this gap in the leadership of today’s companies is crucial to a company’s success.
  • Coaching and mentoring will be huge areas of growth in 2016, as companies seek to make changes in the way their leaders lead and the manner in which employees are growing within the company.

Digital HR

  • There’s an app for that.
  • The digitalization of human resources, and the cloud-based recruiting systems and apps for career seekers and job applications are growing exponentially in 2016. Companies must stay on top of these trends in order to remain competitive for the quality job seekers they want to recruit and retain.
  • According to Bersin’s report, we need to start thinking like the App Store…apps are updated weekly and new apps appear as often. How can HR professionals and organizations stay relevant in today’s digital world? Be part of the solution, and you will stay on top of the curve!

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