Team Learning

Learning & Development

Learning and development opportunities are something that employees love. In fact, millennials as a whole are continually providing feedback that training and growth potential are two huge factors in retention for this unique group within today’s workforce. Unfortunately, many companies simply do not have the manpower or the internal structure in place to allow for mentorships (the benefits of which we talked about on the blog here: In today’s workplace, you’ll often see an “all hands on deck” mentality at play – everybody pitches in to meet deadlines, satisfy customer demands, and show their value as a team player. But what is being lost when learning and development opportunities are pushed to the sidelines on the field of priorities?

As companies such as @degreed and @pathgather come into the game, they are presenting employers with additional options for learning and development opportunities within the workforce. Degreed offers lifelong learning options within a digital platform, while Pathgather focuses on talent development within the organization. Both allow the employer to focus on the day-to-day functions of the company while still allowing for growth and training with the employees who want to take that next step. A true win-win! Check out both of these innovative solutions alongside us at the #HRTechConference in #LasVegas this week.