Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace

Machine learning uses human reasoning process as a guide to determine job performance, and artificial intelligence is a tool that companies can use to predict a candidate’s fit for a particular role. By utilizing AI for recruitment, you’re also giving the candidate a more improved experience due to the efficiency and speed added to the entire process. By giving some of these more mundane, administrative tasks to the machine rather than the HR professional, you’re freeing your HR team up to do more analytical and strategic work. But what’s the down side?

Of course, the room for error at this point in the game is something that organizations are concerned about, and letting a machine determine the right fit gives up a lot of control for the power players in the recruitment process. Some CEO’s and hiring managers simply won’t want to give up that decision-making authority. But, there are some that are looking for innovative ways to make a difference with their hiring structure, and AI and machine learning are two cutting edge ways to make that happen.

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