How Not to Present During Open Enrollment

Presentations may not be your favorite thing, but as an HR professional or a business executive, you’ll have to put on your fair share of presentations in the workplace. As the close of 2015 comes closer, we wanted to give you a few tips on how NOT to present during open enrollment for benefits this coming year. However, these tips can be applied for any business presentation – all of which we happen to be experts at doing! Contact us today to schedule your new hire orientation, sexual harassment training, yearly company training, open enrollment planning, managerial training and much more!

Ten things to avoid when presenting!

1. Turning your back to the audience – don’t turn completely around, even if using a powerpoint or other presentation materials on a screen/board behind you. Turn partially, never completely! It can come off as rude or unprofessional.

2. Staring at one spot throughout the entire presentation. Be engaging!

3. Avoiding eye contact – Be confident, engage the audience, and show emotions/concern. Being a real person during your presentation, not a robot, is highly beneficial to the entire room.

4. Crossing your arms or placing your hands on your hips – this never gives a good impression. Do you know an angst-ridden  teenager? Have you seen him or her do this? Then don’t do it (trust us!)

5. Don’t stand in one spot the entire time – move around, be animated and your audience will be more engaged as well.

6. Stand up and use good posture – professionalism is key during open enrollment and other meetings/presentations when you are the expert!

7. Please don’t fidget or play with your hair or clothes – nerves are expected during a presentation, but don’t let that be seen in your movements. Stand tall and proud, and play the part of the expert, and it will come through to your audience.

8. Don’t complain – even if you’re having technical difficulties, keep it positive.

9. Don’t exaggerate the facts – be honest and upfront about the subject matter, and don’t try to pass off your opinions as facts. Employees always appreciate honesty from their organization.

10. Please do not forget this last one….SMILE!!!! Try to have fun with it, and the more you practice your presentation skills, the easier it will be.