A Personal Touch: Make Your Company Brand Human

Why do people recognize the brands in commercials featuring a happy child eating cereal or a supermodel chowing down on a messy cheeseburger? Among other reasons such as the fact that she’s a supermodel, duh, is the undeniable fact that people identify with the human quality in these ads. So how do you get your company brand to have that personal touch that is easily recognizable on social media? First, you need to humanize your brand. Make sure that you use images and words that will speak to your target audience. Not sure who your target audience is? Then it’s definitely time for a strategic planning session with your management team! #personaltouch #companybrand #socialmedia

Second, you’ll need to switch gears a bit and move from corporate speak to the personal stories of why your company is amazing, and that has to come from employees and managers alike. Share posts from your employees about how great your company is, use blog posts from your staff writers to bring up topics on social media, and share photos and real-life examples of what your company is all about. For example, did your company sponsor a toy drive or canned food drive for the holidays? If so, share that on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages. People want to see that your company is one that values its employees and has a vision larger than itself.

Get involved in conversations on LinkedIn and Twitter. Make your company brand something that people recognize not only by your logo or profile picture, but also by what you do and say. Be consistent in your posts, and share a common message across your social media outlets. That doesn’t mean you need to copy and paste everything from one outlet to another, but you should have a similar voice on every company branding tool out there for the masses! Engagement in group discussions, responding to influential people in your field, and tagging others is a great way to get more exposure for your company brand and to make a name for yourself. Human resources itself is all about people, so why not extend that approach to your company brand as well? Give that personal touch and you will see amazing responses! Now get out there and post, share, like, comment, and tag away!!