Privacy & Security Training

Human resources professionals can often be viewed as the gatekeepers, paper-pushers, and killers of creativity and fun in an organization. Instead of viewing the HR function as a critical piece of the business strategy and organizational development, sometimes people can get focused on the administrative functions of HR and not see the bigger picture or value that HR holds. One area that is becomingly increasingly important is privacy regarding recordkeeping, with new regulations by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) and a more comprehensive understanding and interpretation of privacy in the workplace.

Privacy and security training pertains to the requirements of the government on organizations that have access to confidential, medical, and sensitive information. These regulations extend to doctor’s offices, hospitals, and also to the everyday HR office in terms of medical benefits and benefits administration (claims and eligibility for instance). The Department of Rehabilitation requires that entities that receive funding are certified each and every year for compliance with the HIPAA regulations. Digital companies and start-ups that rely on client confidential information being kept in cloud software rather than hard copy files are also going to benefit from the certification in case of any litigation or claims against compliance with these privacy and security regulations.

To self-certify, there are many resources online that Peoplescape can offer to our clients, as well as guides and policy to follow companywide. If you or your team are interested in self-certification, please feel free to contact us at any time or check out the online resources available to you through the Department of Rehabilitation at Not only is it important to protect your company, your managers, and to be in compliance, it is beneficial to promote continued education and to make your team aware of these requirements as part of a regular HR training program.

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