10 Ways to Spot Your Top Performers

Although top performers are not always easy to attract and retain, there are several things you can do to find and keep them! Top performers usually have a few things in common, such as: flexible, engaged, in tune with your company culture, and eager to improve. Here are some tips for you to spot those top performers and keep them around

  • Don’t Rule Anyone Out

Top performers aren’t necessarily your long-term or management employees. They can be in any department, with any length of tenure at the company. Don’t discredit anyone for superficial reasons. Be fair in your assessment of all employees.

  • Gauge Employee Engagement

Your top performers WILL BE engaged with your culture, your company, your goals and your future. Who’s there solely for a paycheck and who wants to see big things happen for the company as a whole, as well as for him or herself within the organization?

  • Day One of Employment is the Start Line

Begin tracking employee performance as of day one. Clean slate for everyone starts when they accept that offer letter and walk through your doors for the first time!

  • Leverage Your Existing People Data

What do you know about your people? Job history, payroll, benefits – all of this matters. Take a mental note.

  • Create Incentive-Based Goal Programs

Reward performance and your top performers are bound to shine!

  • Keep Your Flight Risks Grounded

Offer new challenges, training programs, promotions, and compensation/bonus increases to retain those top performers looking to constantly boost their career

  • Check The Attitudes

Every day at work isn’t going to be sunshine and roses for every employee. But how do these top performers handle stress? How do they interact with employees when under pressure?

  • Create Reports à Take Action

Reports and numbers and data really don’t mean a whole lot if you can’t take that information and do something with it.

  • Use Tools

Determine what projects require what skills, do personality and job fit assessments, and utilize tools at your disposal to recognize employee strengths.

  • Predict Employee Potential

Organizations with a successful feel as to who their top performers are will always be able to pinpoint the FUTURE top performers. Be aware of the characteristics and quality that can target potential within your employee groups!