Social media rules our world; let’s face it. If you aren’t on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook or at the very least, LinkedIn, then you basically don’t exist in 2015. So why is it that many C-level executives are NOT on social media? Here’s a few ideas.   They’re afraid that anything they say or do may be used against them. Smart on one hand because that’s true, but their lack of engagement on social media also makes them seem less human to their employees and colleagues. Another reason may be that they simply don’t have the time. But, again, let’s get real. You can tweet or like a Facebook status in less than a second these days, so that excuse doesn’t really fit anymore. If a mom of 19 kids can post things on her social media, I’m pretty sure the CEO of your company has a second or two to spare as well. Another sad fact is that some CEO’s are a bit out of touch with the reality of social media in today’s world, and they believe it is not relevant to their lives. Is this actually true or is social media unavoidable no matter who you are? Here are a few tips on why we think your boss should be on social media from #yourHRConsultants about how and why the top dogs at your company can and should get in the game on social media.

1. Free advertising – Reach out to your customers via social media and you’re basically advertising your business for free. Win, win!

2. Build trust among your employees – Shout out to the hard work your IT department did last week, or give the Sales Team a pat on the back on your social media account. A little acknowledgement can go a long way!

3. As we’ve discussed here before, a personal touch to your company brand can have a big impact on your organization’s success. By putting a name, face, and Twitter account to your CEO’s reputation as a cutthroat businessman, you can also lend a little human feeling to the man’s reputation.

4. Honesty and transparency are big trust builders, so if you’re looking for company team-building and loyalty, start with creating an example of that on your own social media accounts and see how fast it moves through the masses at your organization.

Happy Posting!

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