“Hiring the right people takes time, the right questions, and a healthy dose of curiosity.” 

 Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group

As soon as skilled talent becomes scarce, recruiting takes on more of a marketing component than ever before.  The way to find your talent is to be where they are and your seasoned recruiter will know where to find it.  IT managers for a disruptive start-up firm? HR veteran in the healthcare industry? It’s unlikely they are hanging out in the same forums so you have to go to them if they aren’t coming to you. Check out our top five trends to make sure your recruiting efforts make an impact:

 1. Data-Driven Approach

Walk into any recruiting party and the conversation is all about Artificial Intelligence (AI).  As we “begin the shift away from a decision model based on past practices and intuition and toward data-driven decision-making” (www.shrm.org) AI will allow you to examine a candidate full circle from their personality to skills and background to values and interests and beyond – to truly determine the best fit for the role.

Will AI eventually replace the recruitment function entirely? Perhaps, but utilizing AI alongside the human factor, takes your recruitment strategy to a whole new level. Belinda Morris, founder of Peoplescape Consulting Group, has long been a proponent of assessment tools to add dimension to the selection process. Her team uses Harrison assessment tools to match the perfect candidate to the traits required for the job, rather than simply matching up one line of a resume to one line of a job description.  This way you are getting a full 360 view of the candidate’s potential for success (or not).

 2. The On-Demand Workforce

Independent contractors such outsourced accountants and skilled workers needed for only a short season or time during the year can really make sense for organizations that do not need full-time employees on the clock. Utilizing on-demand workers is a way to stay budget friendly while still employing the best of the best. As more organizations consider these “untraditional” options, the on-demand workforce is growing.  Forecasters suggest by 2020 as much as 40% of the American workforce will be contingent workers (SHRM 2017). This choice impacts recruiting in many ways, including benefits, wage and hour regulations, and flexible work schedule options but the paradigm shift begins on the recruiting side of things.

 3. Schools vs. Skills

Shift your focus to hiring driven candidates who have the determination to learn.  You can still target your favorite schools along with everyone else, but be brave, look for traits that reflect grit, determination, and curiosity and I promise you’ll find your next star.  These 16 insanely successful college dropouts had it: read more in Business Insider

 4. It’s About to Get Personal

Personalization is everywhere! From social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter to the ever-popular Snapchat and Musical.ly apps, we can see how personalization changes our lives daily. Personalizing your candidate search cuts out the daily hustle of reviewing resumes that are largely unqualified, while also giving your candidates a glimpse into the personal side of your company. Give your candidates a glimpse of what it’s like to work where you are, and they’re likely to give you a bigger peek into who they are. And as a recruiter, dig as deep as you can to get a full picture of the candidates!

5. Creative Approach to Hiring

Job hoppers and boomerang employees were both taboo terms less than a decade ago. But as we head into the late teens of the 2000s, organizations, and business leaders have changed their outlook on these candidates. High-techs, start-ups, advertising and entertainment types have been valuing diverse experience and candidate’s adaptability ahead of the rest of us as they come with great skill sets.  Loosen the reins of rigidity and you will find stellar candidates.

Get creative with video interviews to whiteboard sessions. Use Vimeo and Slack for recruiting, onboarding and employee engagement. Take advantage of the technological improvements that allow you to do business the way you want, with like-minded people willing to take a risk on an innovative company or brand.

Finish 2017 strong – shake things up in your recruiting!

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