Resolutions: What Is Showcased, is Achieved

As we excitedly embark on 2016, many people make resolutions in their personal life. Whether its to finally start eating healthy, stick to that workout routine, or manage your budget better, one place people don’t always think about making resolutions for is the workplace. Just like in your personal life, there are always areas to improve in your professional career and your workplace as a whole.  Here are a few suggestions to spark your resolution creativity!

That project that always get pushed down the list
Maybe you’ve been vowing to overhaul your performance appraisal system or employee engagement survey. Make it a priority this year! Mark your calendar and build deadlines for yourself to ensure those projects actually get completed!

Re-enforce/Build Relationships
Time to re-engage with the staff and get to know a little more about them. These insights could really help in understanding what keeps your employees engaged, or maybe help you better understand what external stressors are weighing on them. Maybe it’s time to reconnect with the c-suite and ensure that your HR strategy is in line with the long term goals of the company.

Embrace Technology
Maybe it’s finally going to a paperless/digital filing system or it’s using your Applicant Tracking System to its fullest capacity, this year is the year you can ensure your HR department continues to stay current and engaged with what’s on the cutting edge of Human Resource technology!

Update your Branding
When did you last think about how HR is seen in the company? Do you have a strategy behind your recruiting? This could be the year where you build that relationship with the marketing department or really showcase your company’s core values as the reason that employees join and stay with your organization.

Whatever you decide your resolution is going to be, write it down and keep it visible for yourself. By keeping your goals visible, you’re more likely to deliver on them.  Don’t be afraid of the big projects! Doing them in 2016 will make 2017 that much better! Does the project seem so big you need some extra help? Give Peoplescape a call! We’re here to help you tackle those HR projects!