Holiday Hiring: What You Need to Know



“According to the National Retail Federation, retail sales in the U.S. during the months of November and December are expected to increase 3.6% (in the 600 billion dollar range!) and online sales are expected to increase between 7-10% from 2015 sales.” – Glassdoor

If you are a retailer, or if you do business near retailers, then you probably see this huge jump in the next two months year after year…the holiday shopping crazy has begun! For any of our readers who do work in this field, we wanted to give some quick tips for how to boost your hiring during the holiday season by preparing now. This can also be applied to any company that sees a boost in hiring during certain times of the year.

Update those job descriptions ASAP.

    • In order to draft a job posting, you’ll need an updated job description. Since this can be often be more than a one-person job, start now so that you get through all of the necessary steps for updating your job descriptions that you’ll need to fill vacancies for…and while we’re on the subject, what is your job description review process? Need help refining the process or want to send your job descriptions to an expert for review and updating? You know where to find us!

Make sure you are on social media for easy job posting!

    • Depending on your business, these would be the top picks for your company presence on social media.
        1. LinkedIn
        2. Facebook
        3. Twitter
        4. Instagram
        5. Snapchat

Review your company careers page.

    • Do you have updated information, contacts, etc. on your careers section of the company website? If not, update it now so you cut back on confusion or unnecessary fixes during the recruitment itself.

Refine and review your interview process with the players on your team!

    • Update your HR team, hiring managers, and other interviewers and reviewers and decision makers so they can plan accordingly with their own schedules.
    • Looking to update your process from paper applications to online applications? Wanting to add a video component using interview software or Snapchat to the process? Whatever changes you want to make, do it now so that things are all set when it’s time to post that job ad!