What if we don’t have many HR issues and just want to have someone in our back-pocket to call if we ever need, without paying hefty fees?

We offer a range of HR-related services and fee structures. We can customize a contract specific to your organization’s needs and alternatively offer hourly consulting services. We pride ourselves on being flexible, innovative, and accommodating in every aspect of our business; that includes our fees.

How will you know if we are doing things right already and keep us compliant if we don’t even know what we should or shouldn’t be doing?

Our team of expert HR consultants conduct an intensive audit of your HR transactions. We then provide a customized report on recommendations to keep your organization compliant with federal, state, and local laws.

How will we know if we are paying people right, giving competitive benefits, and making them feel comfortable here?

We are experts in benefits and compensation. We have access to tools to ensure we are benchmarking the most competitive salaries and benefits in your industry.

How do we get our highly skilled managers to master the people side and manage and engage our employees?

We work as your HR partners and coach your managers to enable them be more effective people leaders.

Can you help with our organization’s culture and provide a positive employee experience?

Peoplescape can conduct employee surveys to gauge your employee satisfaction and will recommend employee engagement initiatives that are impactful to your organization.