Consumerization of HR

There’s a lot of buzz around “the consumerization of HR” but what does it mean? Jeanne Meister, an expert in HR technology, described it as how companies are creating a social, mobile, and consumer-type experiences for employees inside the company. Think about your most used mobile apps and how they make life is easier i.e. Postmates recommends what you may want to eat, Netflix suggests what movies you may be interested in and Instagram knows which stories may interest you. Imagine this type of personalization in terms of employee experience. Read more

What’s #HotinHRT – HR Tech Talk

4 more Strategies to Boost your People Power using Tech

The 4th industrial revolution #4IR is here and the future of work is digital. While tech gets the spotlight in #The Internet of Things people will still lead the way. People who are equipped and empowered with Artificial Intelligence #AI to make smarter business decisions. Read more

CA HR Conference. Relevent or Remake?

For most attendees at the recent #CAHR17 HR Conference in Long Beach, it was a real commitment to attend and, as always, an objective to extract practical wisdom to apply back at the office. It helps that the Long Beach conference venue is a beautiful beachy coastline. Even so, we — in HR — are serious people and we are at the conference to be inspired, get updated and meet-and-mingle with our peers. The breadth of interests, services and vendors can be overwhelming, although, an excellent mobile conference App made scheduling presentations and finding exhibitors much easier.  Read more

You’ve Hired the Best. Now What? Part Two

Welcome back to part two of the top 10 strategies to help you get HR right and free yourself up to innovate.

Good HR means three things: a clear management structure, a way for people to talk about workplace issues and concerns, and pathways for people to evolve in their careers, here are our final strategies for success. Read more

You’ve Hired the Best. Now What? Part one

To many entrepreneurs and small business owners, nothing can be more cringe worthy than Human Resources and the issues involved in managing the “people part” of the workplace. Read more

“Landing Great Talent Early On – Are Internships Worth It?”

When I graduated from college back in the early years of the 21st century, internships were not a “must-have” for most employers. College graduates wanted to get in to a job and start making money, and employers wanted qualified employees walking in their doors. So what does that mean for the less experienced college graduates who are anxious to get started in their chosen career path but also need to pay their growing pile of bills (including that ominous student loan debt growing interest with each passing moment)? Read more

Training Your Crew

At least one day per year, as required by the FAA, pilots and aviation crew attend training focused on lessons learned from accident reports, how to respond to emergencies, briefings on changing federal and company regulations and how to resolve or diffuse customer relations conflicts. Given the rapid pace of issues the aviation industry is faced with, one day per year is not sufficient but a mere single step in a multi-stage recurrent training program aimed at winning over the public’s trust and engendering their loyalty. After all, moving over 1.7 million people per day in planes up in the air must be taken very seriously. Read more

Flexible Work Options as an Attraction Tool

How does telecommuting enable you to snag the best talent?

What are the pros & cons?

I have been working as a remote employee since 2006. Presented with an opportunity to build a human resources department from the ground up whilst juggling twins, I leapt at the chance to build my career while still being a mom. Read more

understand personality in the workplace

Onboarding or Integrating Executives? How to do it Right

Does your organization have an onboarding process for new hires? Do you remember to afford  your new executives the same privilege.

While the job you foresee for an executive is different from that of most new hires, these new folks  are just as unfamiliar with your organization as the trainees.  In 2015 Snapchat lost eight  senior executives with only one lasting past the eight-month mark.  While turnover among leadership is not unusual for a startup, it does raise a red flag that something isn’t working. Read more

Top Trends in Recruiting: How to Find Your Superstars!

“Hiring the right people takes time, the right questions, and a healthy dose of curiosity.” 

 Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group

As soon as skilled talent becomes scarce, recruiting takes on more of a marketing component than ever before.  The way to find your talent is to be where they are and your seasoned recruiter will know where to find it.  IT managers for a disruptive start-up firm? HR veteran in the healthcare industry? It’s unlikely they are hanging out in the same forums so you have to go to them if they aren’t coming to you. Check out our top five trends to make sure your recruiting efforts make an impact: Read more