Unconscious Bias

2018 Will Be the Year of Unconscious Bias

More than 85% of men in the US are shorter than 6ft tall, yet almost 60% of corporate CEOs are over 6ft tall. (Blink by Malcolm Gladwell).

Unconscious bias is an awkward subject. Acknowledging it says we limit the way we relate to others, our view of the world and how we lead our organizations, our communities, and our families. Let’s be honest, we don’t want to admit our bias. In this watershed year, however, everything has changed. The veil has been lifted and the status quo is not an option. Read more


CEOs, Are You Checking Your Glassdoor Reviews Every Day? Please Do!

When you think of companies with a reputation for treating their employees well; Google, Netflix, Salesforce, PwC, L’Oreal and GE immediately come to mind. You think of them despite never having worked for them nor knowing anyone who does. Importantly because they have succeeded in employer branding. Employer branding is the method which companies utilize to define and establish their stature as an employer. Read more

Headless Man

Can we Be Human, After #MeToo?

Hot off the press just this month:

  1. Twice as many male managers now feel uncomfortable working alone with women than before #MeToo. Lean-in survey Jan 2018.
  2. The #1 workplace charge filed in the USA in 2017 was Retaliation (48.8% of charges), reports the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission. link.

With both sexual harassment reporting and retaliation at such a high, could our companies, be punishing women somehow, for speaking out against workplace harassment, without even realizing it? Read more

Hiring Team

Are Same Day Offers the Way of The Future? Achieving Agile Recruitment in 2018.

I don’t mean to scare you but… please note: there is officially a talent war on the go in the United States.



Technology Market:

  • 86% of managers are finding it challenging to find and hire technical talent. (Indeed.com).
  • 83% believe that shortage of tech talent has hurt their business through lost revenue, slower product development, market expansion or increased employee tension or burnout. (Fortune).

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Judge Aquilina

Fierce, Fearless & Human – The Judge, The Healer, The Executioner

Last week, I watched the fierce and disgusted Judge Rosemarie Aquilina demonstrate what it was to be brave, human and call a spade a spade. She delighted in delivering a 175 year sentence to Larry Nassar, the disgraced US Gymnastics sports doctor. He was convicted for molesting over 250 underage girls over a 25 year career with US Gymnastics and Michigan University.

Judge Aquilina, uncharacteristically for a judge, made it glaringly clear to anyone watching and everyone participating, where she stood in this situation. She called it her privilege to sentence Nassar and in her words “sign his death warrant.”

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Employee Experience

“Goosebumps From The Employee Experience: From Onboarding to Exit, How the Journey Impacts the Perception” 

Hiring ‘rock-star’ employees in today’s feisty, talent laden labor market has become like a song and dance routine similar to a first date. As the company, hungry to land a top hire, you must one, make a great first impression. Two, “hook them” with your thrilling qualities, and three, get them to sign on the dotted line…or at least agree to a first interview! Read more

America Ferrera

What are these “Ugly Shades Of Grey” (#USOG) of Which You Speak America?

In her chat with Oprah Winfrey Sunday morning January 14th on CBS, America Ferrera, along with her TimesUp colleagues, stated how “Its not just the written rules, but the unwritten rules” that need to be tackled in the Workplace Sexual Harassment discussion.

TRUTH…I completely agree with her! And what is wrong with this? Read more

Megan Ganz

Deconstructing the Anatomy of a Sexual Harassment Attack. Rick and Morty: “I was thinking about them (women) as different creatures”.

The New York Times article of 1/11/18 (click here for full article) demonstrates once again how a simple tweet can bring on a barrage of communication. This time Rick and Morty’s co-creator, Dan Harmon, ready to face his demons, hastened their arrival through Twitter, and apologized live on his Harmontown show. For the live apology at minute 18:40 click here.

I’m bombarded by “Rick and Morty” (a young adult, science fiction, animation show) daily at home from my pre-teen. So when an article linking Rick and Morty to sexual harassment crossed my desk – it got my full attention.

Turns out that Dan Harmon, Rick and Morty’s co-creator, issued a stunning and immensely thoughtful apology to Megan Ganz, his ex-employee and harassment victim. The extent of his live show apology, on his January 10th Episode, demonstrated more than just a therapy session of reflection on his part. Harmon’s heartfelt apology digs deep and attempts to deconstruct the emotional arc of his act of harassment – from his own psyche – over a 2-year period.

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Mr Terzian

How One Man in a Dapper Suit Transformed Los Angeles: – Honoring Carl Terzian and His Tables.

Networking is a word you hear often in business. It is defined as interaction with other people to exchange information and develop contacts to further one’s institution or career. In today’s world, LinkedIn is the most well-known professional networking tool that is utilized by over 467 million users worldwide. Networking allows you to brand yourself, create connections, build relationships, increase your business opportunities, and share knowledge and ideas. Read more


Who Cares!  I’m a Small Business… Anti-Discrimination Laws Don’t Apply…Do They?

As a small business owner and an employer in California, you have legal responsibilities under the State (CFRA) and Federal (FEHA) employment anti-discrimination laws. Both Federal and California laws prohibit discrimination in the workplace based on an employee’s “protected characteristics”.

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