What Happens When Love Blossoms at Work?

Bill and Melinda Gates have been married for 25 years and have three children. They met at work. So too did Michelle and Barak Obama when she was supervising him as one of the firm’s new summer associates, from Harvard law.

Most of us spend more hours of our day at work than anywhere else, so it’s not surprising that romantic relationships develop. Namely HR Systems, found 41% of employees said they’d engaged in an intimate relationship with someone at work, whether a peer, manager or someone in the C-suite. 5% of employees said they’d had a relationship with their boss. Millennials were more likely than those from other generations to have had romances with bosses. Read more

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Never Slack on Your Office Communications

“I’m a great believer that any tool that enhances communication has profound effects in terms of how people can learn from each other.” – Bill Gates

Technology tools that encourage effective communication and collaboration in the workspace also ignite employee engagement and businesses agility and the ability to scale more easily.  If your team is stuck in meetings with each other all day, it’s hard to focus outward and grow your business. A service like Slack can help your team break the focus away from the everyday conversations that can take away from true productivity, and spend more time on growth strategies. A recurring question we hear is, “in today’s global economy with dispersed and often remote workers, how can we practice transparency and keep employees engaged?”  Peoplescape Consulting doesn’t endorse one particular communications tool brand, but if you’re looking for a quick overview of the most popular workplace communication tools and our experience implementing it,  keep reading. Read more

Agile Organization

How Agile Organizations are Thriving Along with Their Gigsters in the Gig Economy

Coming from Los Angeles, I knew people who taught barre for a couple of hours in the morning, then hiked Runyon by 11 AM, went to an audition, then drinks with friends while I was stuck in the office staring at their Instagram and their freedom.

Ryan Gosling famously (and controversially) commented that nobody works in LA. That is an over-generalization, of course, as most people do have jobs and are hardworking. There are also those called “gigsters” who freelance, contract, advise, or take gigs; they are not limited to Los Angeles and in fact, makeup over 150 million workers in the US and in Europe. These workers make up the growing gig economy. Intuit estimates the gig economy to make up 34% of the workforce and is expected to grow up to 43% by 2020. Read more

Things That Happen When You Have Agile HR.

In our recent blog, Agile Organization: What did Zappos do that you didn’t?, we talked about the agile organization, principles that change the focus from imposing controls and standards to empowering collaboration and innovation. But how do you break that down and make it relevant and practical for your HR department? Read more

Traditional Company vs Agile Organization

Agile Organization: What did Zappos do that you didn’t?

As early as 2012, Josh Bersin’s keynote at Deloit’s Impact Conference, focused specifically on how Agile, “the ability to create and respond to change in order to succeed in an uncertain and turbulent environment” was essential for businesses to be nimble and responsive, as the landscape changes frequently and in unexpected ways. Read more


How to Behave Around California’s Salary History Ban

It can be tough keeping up with all of the changes coming out of Washington and Sacramento; it seems every hour there’s an announcement on new or modified regulations in the workplace.

On January 1st, 2018, California unveiled a new law prohibiting employers from using an individual’s prior salary as a factor in setting pay rates. This law extends to public and private employers, as well as their agents, and it mandates that employers may not seek any information about an applicant’s current or past “compensation and benefits.”

That’s right. California’s salary history ban makes it illegal for employers to ask candidates how they are currently (or were formerly) compensated at work.

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The Shocking Revelation about Candidate Communication: Human versus Machine

Mark was the CEO of a Stage 3 successful internet startup and was having sleepless nights about his employee relations issues. He knew he was only one employee away from a wage and hour claim, his team had grown from 1 to 100, they were passionate about their business and driven to meet demanding schedules.  They didn’t want a corporate feel of policies, procedures, handbooks, but the prospect of financial ruin from noncompliance stalked him daily. He needed a Director of HR, preferably yesterday, but his informal networks yielded very little and the quality that flooded in via was not up to par.

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Making the Magic Happen in Your Generational Melting Pot!

Each generation in America is defined by a turning point, a reality that is all theirs, or an event that marks them forever.

How do employers connect them to the present reality, by using each one’s group understanding and get everyone on the same page?  How do companies develop culture and engagement to make everyone feel connected? How do we nurture productivity, cooperative work, and innovation in our generational melting pots?

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Oscar Winners

I Want It – It’s Mine, or Is It? Imposter Syndrome in the Workplace.

So often winning the coveted, shiny object seems to slip through our fingers and end up the prize of somebody else. What if, we could just make it ours, without truly earning it?

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10 Outrageous Ideas For Your Employee Appreciation Day

Employee Appreciation Day is officially today…. but here at Peoplescape we think that everyday should be a day that you are grateful for something. Granted, not every employer-employee relationship elicits unbridled gratitude every single day. But, there are many simple ways that you can show your appreciation for your employees all throughout the year, when the mood strikes!  Read more