Top 10 JOBS for 2016: This Could be YOU in 2017

“Since all companies have an online presence these days, they all need people who know how to build online and mobile platforms,” he said. “In addition, they need technical people who can manage and store data that helps them make better business decisions, compared to years ago when businesses didn’t have data management at their fingertips to review and analyze. I expect these jobs to continue to be hot and in-demand for several years to come.”

Andrew Chamberlain, Chief Economist, Glassdoor

The top ten jobs as identified by Glassdoor’s survey include what the base salary is, as well as the current number of job openings. This not only gives job seekers a clue as to what pays the best, but it also points out the best jobs for work-life balance as well as the current need in the job market. If you are currently looking to change up your career path Read more

Total Rewards: What Speaks to Your Employees?

When coming up with a total rewards plan for your organization, make sure you consider several things. You want to make sure that you are offering your employees things that they really want. A great way to find out what this might be is to conduct an employee survey, assess your company culture, and find out what makes your employees happy. Not all rewards will motivate all employees in a similar way, but by examining the workforce you are employing, and taking a survey of what makes them feel valued, you can make the right steps in the coming year so that you are reaping the best results for your total rewards plan. Loyalty from employees will save you time and money on turnovers, and will also improve your company morale. So it’s a win-win if you can learn to speak your employees’ language in terms of what they need out of their workplace. Read more

Can Using Employee Self-Assessments in December Ward Off Resignations in January?

Did you know that January is the most popular month for considering a job change? After the year-end bonuses and year-end reviews are complete, employees start to look at their options a little more closely. Of course, there’s questioning from many organizations today surrounding the use of performance reviews at all (which we’ve blogged about previously here: But, if your organization does use performance reviews, then we’d like to suggest that an employee self-assessment could uncover some of the issues leading employees to look elsewhere for employment after the beginning of the new year. From an employee point-of-view, what would cause him or her employee to leave your organization? The self-assessment is an opportunity for you, as the employer, to alter the course! Read more

Education vs. Experience: What’s More Valuable?

“Historically here, there’s been a tremendous amount of weight that’s been given to four-year university degrees and not nearly enough weight in my opinion is given to vocational training facilities and vocational training certifications.”

Jeffrey Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn Corp.

Does your organization require all job applicants to have a Bachelor’s degree in order to be considered for a vacant position? Will an applicant be considered without a degree if they have extensive experience and a successful track record in a similar role? How much weight do you personally (as a hiring manager) put on a candidate’s educational background? Read more

Overtime Rule Blocked – What Does This Mean for Employers?


Employers will be happy to know that (at least for now!) a federal judge in Texas has blocked the overtime rule passed by President Obama that would have required employers to raise salaries or convert many exempt employees to non-exempt status. The Texas judge has issued a nationwide preliminary injunction, essentially halting the rule until a decision is made.

As a refresher, this is the overtime rule that raises the salary test for Administrative, Executive, and Professional employees to qualify for exemption from overtime pay under federal law to $913.00 per week or $47,476.00 per year. The preliminary injunction means that the rule that was set to go into effect on December 1, 2016 is temporarily stopped.  Which means employers get a free pass for now! Read more

When Millennials are Managers: How Does This Affect the Older Generation at Work?

As we have seen a shift in many businesses from a promotional system based on seniority (aka you’ve been here 20 years so you now become a manager…even though you have zero leadership skills or training on how to actually manager people) to one based on merit (aka you’ve done well at your current position and show the ability to lead a team, so we are making you assistant manager of your department). But how does this affect the multi-generational workforce when a 25-year-old employee who’s been with your company for less than a year is now managing a staff of 50-year-old employees who’ve been with your company for over twenty years? Read more

New Laws & Updates for 2017: What You Need to Know


  • Restroom Facilities: Requires restroom facilities with one toilet and/or urinal and one sink, with a door that the user can lock from the inside to be designated as an all gender toilet facility. (AB 1732)
  • Minimum Wage: As of January 1, 2017 employers with 26 or more employees will be required to pay at least $10.50 per hour. (SB 3)
  • OSHA Reporting: The new rule (effective January 1, 2017) requires certain employers to electronically submit injury and illness data that they are already required to input on their OSHA on-site forms.
  • Read more

Post-Election Reflections: Conformity and Leadership

“Throughout our careers, we are taught to conform — to the status quo, to the opinions and behaviors of others, and to information that supports our views. The pressure only grows as we climb the organizational ladder.”

– Francesca Gino, Harvard Business Review

Conformity. It’s a word that incites feelings in most of us…good or bad, happy or sad. For some of those millennials you may have seen rioting after the election results came in, conformity is not something that they take lightly. Each generation views rules and regulations a bit differently, and I think this election really brought out the truth of who we are as a people, a country, and a species. Some of us were saddened by the results, as Donald Trump became our President Elect. Some of us were thrilled that Hillary Clinton, a lifelong politician and someone many deemed “untrustworthy” throughout this election, was not chosen by the American people to represent our country for the next four years. But how does all of this translate into conformity and leadership in the workplace? How are the results of this election going to change the way we do business, and the way business looks across the nation?

If this election taught us one thing as a country, it is that we do have a voice. Whether we choose to exercise that voice, that vote, that opinion at work – those are all choices that we have in this great country of ours. I know people are fearful of what may happen in the coming years, but I have hope that we will all come together and move the country in the direction that will make it most prosperous, allow business to boom, give everyone an equal opportunity to succeed, and continue to provide freedoms to the American citizens that are simply not allowed elsewhere in the world. How can we make sure to keep this positivity, this focus on leadership and constructive feedback, and non-conformity while still following the rules to some extent? It’s a distinct blending of ideals that allows the non-conformist to exist in a corporate world. Yet, it is something that we see all over the place in business. From total rewards for employees on the Google campus such as a gym, a cafeteria, and outdoor workspaces, to a global ad agency’s pet-friendly policy, to the remote work possibilities for several large companies across the nation – we are an ever-changing, ever-growing, ever-challenging group of individuals in America. We collectively value business and the ability to make an impact within our workplaces. So instead of arguing what is, let’s band together and make the best of a situation that we all might not be 100% on board with. We have seen many presidential elections, and we have survived them all.

This same theory can be carried over to the workplace when you think about leadership and challenging the status quo and making changes that are impactful and important to the future generations of leaders, learners, and business moguls. We may not always want to work with the management, the supervisors, the CEO’s of the companies we work for at any given time. But guess what? Each of those working relationships is a learning opportunity. Each of those “difficult” bosses is a way for you to improve your communication skills, set new goals for yourself, and set the bar higher each and every time you are faced with a challenge. And the department teams? We all know that those are not ideal sometimes. But again, just like we are hopefully teaching this new generation of “participation trophy” kids, let’s teach ourselves to jump in and do something about it, rather than sit back and complain when things don’t go our way. Because in life, there is no trophy for participating. There is a winner, and there is a loser, as this election has taught us all. But in business, there can be a whole team of winners if you look at the challenges in front of you and work together to break down barriers, jump over hurdles, and prove every nay-sayer wrong.

Holiday Hiring: What You Need to Know



“According to the National Retail Federation, retail sales in the U.S. during the months of November and December are expected to increase 3.6% (in the 600 billion dollar range!) and online sales are expected to increase between 7-10% from 2015 sales.” – Glassdoor

If you are a retailer, or if you do business near retailers, then you probably see this huge jump in the next two months year after year…the holiday shopping crazy has begun! For any of our readers who do work in this field, we wanted to give some quick tips for how to boost your hiring during the holiday season by preparing now. This can also be applied to any company that sees a boost in hiring during certain times of the year.

Update those job descriptions ASAP.

    • In order to draft a job posting, you’ll need an updated job description. Since this can be often be more than a one-person job, start now so that you get through all of the necessary steps for updating your job descriptions that you’ll need to fill vacancies for…and while we’re on the subject, what is your job description review process? Need help refining the process or want to send your job descriptions to an expert for review and updating? You know where to find us!

Make sure you are on social media for easy job posting!

    • Depending on your business, these would be the top picks for your company presence on social media.
        1. LinkedIn
        2. Facebook
        3. Twitter
        4. Instagram
        5. Snapchat

Review your company careers page.

    • Do you have updated information, contacts, etc. on your careers section of the company website? If not, update it now so you cut back on confusion or unnecessary fixes during the recruitment itself.

Refine and review your interview process with the players on your team!

    • Update your HR team, hiring managers, and other interviewers and reviewers and decision makers so they can plan accordingly with their own schedules.
    • Looking to update your process from paper applications to online applications? Wanting to add a video component using interview software or Snapchat to the process? Whatever changes you want to make, do it now so that things are all set when it’s time to post that job ad!

The Great Shakeout: Emergency Preparedness at Work

It’s coming! #GreatShakeOut is happening on October 20, 2016 across the state of #California. This is a great way to promote #emergencypreparedness at work, and at home. For more details on this event, check out:

In 2015, we had 10.4 million participants. Why is this such a big deal for Californians? You know your out of town visitors are always concerned about earthquakes because it’s something new and different. For those of us who have lived through countless earthquakes, what does this day mean? I think the larger significance here, aside from being prepared for “The Big One” we’ve all been hearing about and waiting for year after year, it’s about being aware of your surroundings and knowing how to respond in a natural disaster situation.

From apps such as “Beat the Quake” to FEMA’s mobile app (, preparedness is something on everyone’s minds. Of course, active shooter situations in the news recently make people more uneasy about their safety at work, so the best thing for you to do as an employer is to encourage preparedness through events such as The Great California Shake Out!

In most situations, DROP, COVER, and HOLD ON will be the best lesson to teach throughout your organization. Here’s why:

DROP – being on your hands and knees protects you from being knocked down and also allows you to crawl to shelter and stay low.

COVER – use one arm and hand to cover your neck and head. If a sturdy table or desk is nearby, crawl under that for shelter. If not, crawl to a nearby wall (away from windows!). Stay on your knees in order to protect your vital organs.

HOLD ON – until the ground stops shaking! Hold onto the shelter with one hand and be prepared to move with your shelter if it shifts positions. If no shelter, hold on to your head and neck with both arms/hands.

Now would be a great time to check your first aid kits, emergency preparedness kits, safety kits, and all other tools at your disposal for natural disasters or other emergency situations at work! #beprepared #workplacesafety